The Katalysts

Justice. Peace. Protection.

10/21/2014 - Oculair Media Interview Update

Greetings friends and supporters! GREAT NEWS for you tonight! The Oculair Media Interview with your friendly neighborhood superheroes is is now up online for your viewing pleasure . We are are very excited for its arrival and unveiling, so we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


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10/17/2014 - Clean Up Patrol & Another Interview!

Yesterday the JCO: Justice Crew of Oshawa did one of our monthly "Clean Up The Streets" patrols. We go around from park to park and remove as much litter as possible, making it clean and safe for the local children. 

We filled roughly 8 "Pitch-In" bags (provided by City Hall) full and got a lot done. Along the way we met a few citizens and had our picture taken, as well as handed out a few informational Katalyst cards.

                                            GOOD WORK TEAM!!!

                              SEE OUR CLEAN UP PATROL VIDEO HERE.

Besides that, we have another upcoming interview on Saturday with Tyler from "Tyler Talks About..." on youtube. Hopefully we will have a chance to talk about our cause/team and get some awareness spread about who we are and what we do!

No new information about our interview with Oculair Media as of yet. Will update you as we go along.

- Aftershock, Oshawa's Turtleman.

08/14/2014 - Oculair Media Interview & Photoshoot + Updates

How's it going citizens? We've been busy as usual. We recently did an interview and photo-shoot with Oculair Media last Saturday. Went well. Got to tell our origin stories and why we got into the vocation of being a Real Life Superhero. We also went into a little depth of what some of our goals are with The Katalysts' future.

Beyond that, there's been a few line-up changes (in regards to members). Most of our international and over-seas members have been dismissed from The Katalysts due to either lack of activity or a general inability to stay in contact. We wish them well in their future endeavors however! Keep helping out your communities where ever you are :-)

We've also GAINED a few new members to our local Katalyst team, the JCO: Justice Crew of Oshawa. Everyone please give a warm welcome to Peacekeeper, Bombshell and Broken Silence at their respective facebook pages!

To finish off, I'd also like to say thanks for all the support from the Citizens, Police, By-Law Officers, Undercover Officers, Security Guards and even the SWAT Team members over the last year or so. It means so much to us and we're happy to be out there providing our friendly free services to the public.

Looking forward to what the rest of 2014 brings us!!!

- Aftershock, aka "Turtleman of Oshawa".

04/25/2014 - Fashionably Late Update

As usual our update is fashionably late. The computer I'm on is loading one letter at a time and therefore is making it incredibly difficult to edit this site but I will push on and try to make this work.

On Sunday April 20th I attended the local Oshawa 420 Rally at Memorial Park. All went reasonably well and no hostile encounters were had. Took a few pics with the locals and even did a short promotional video for City Patties a local Jamaican Patty shop. Hopefully that'll be poppin up online soon. 

Yesterday myself and Nameless Crusader did a litter removal patrol event we dubbed "Clean-Up The Streets II". We filled up 5 garbage bags full of trash from Memorial Park, Rotary Park and some of the Oshawa Trails pathway. Another litter removal patrol is gonna be happening soon as we still wanna clean up more of the Oshawa Trails and Storie Park/Stone Park etc. 10 "Pitch In" Bags and 10 Gloves were provided by Rosemary Mason of City Hall which I had to pick up at the Civic Recreational Centre on Thornton Rd. Thanks Rosemary!

A final update before I call it a day: I have spoken with Leo Stafford of City Hall about potentially doing a graffiti clean up to get rid of all the gang signs and tags that are an eyesore stained upon the bridges along the Oshawa Trails pathway. Waiting to hear back from Leo with more information.

Thanks for all your support Katalyst fans, more to come soon!

- Aftershock: The Emerald Avenger.

09/07/2013 - Another Over Due Update!

Although this site is not updated often, we're still out there on the streets making our community a better place on a weekly basis. Getting new members here and there, stopping drug deals from going down in our local parks, flyering our city to raise awareness, and helping the homeless citizens when possible.

The latest members to join our team are: Ninja Knight from Toronto Ontario, Polarman from Iqaluit Nunavut, Atomic Fist from Columbus Georgia, Ledarius Shade from Decatur Georgia, Stan Castle from Strasbourg France, and Nameless Crusader from right here in Oshawa Ontario!

We will try to update this site now on a more frequent basis. Our cause is spreading and we owe it to you the fans and supporters of The Katalysts and the JCO: Justice Crew of Oshawa to keep you in the loop!

Thanks for reading and being the positive change in YOUR neighborhood,

- Aftershock: The Emerald Avenger.

11/28/2012 - One Year Later: Still Going Strong!

Hi friends, and welcome back to The Katalysts central! It's been just a little over a year since the last update and boy do we need it! We have a few new Katalysts in our ranks and possibly a few more to come on top of that.

So far we are 7 members strong: Aftershock, Action-Man, The Blue Vixen, The Caution, Krimson Justice III, Lady Lavender, and our latest addition Regulus.

As of late we've been doing more of what Aftershock calls "Day Patrols" and some of those activities include "Flyer Runs" where we raise awareness for our cause, "Clean Up The Streets" where we take a few garbage bags out and pick up trash around our city (mostly non-biodegradable items or eye-sores), "Homeless Outreach" where we donate food/hygiene items/bottled water/socks etc to the local homeless people, and of course we still do our regular "Neighborhood Watch" patrols where we just walk around and keep an eye out for anyone who needs help or possible criminal activity.

We also now have a YouTube Channel (
/user/TheRealKatalysts) where we have a growing number of videos. The Caution is now doing his own online Journal Vlogs there, as well there will eventually be more "Katalysts On Patrol " episodes once we get a better computer and editing software. For now there's the Pilot episode entitled "A Bridge Too Far" featuring our team leader Aftershock patrolling with his 2nd in charge Action-Man along the "Oshawa Trails" pathway.

...More info to come soon so check back with us often!

07/28/2011 - The Katalysts Are Back! ...And We're Expanding!

That's right everyone, The Katalysts are back in business and are expending our numbers! Our own Emerald Avenger A.K.A. "Aftershock" is now active as well as Julius King representing for our "Krimson Justice" slot. As well, we have two NEW members joining the team. Everyone give a warm welcome to Lady "Layla" Lavender and Curtis Green as the "Misery Child".  There's also one more in our circles that is very interested in helping us fight the war on crime in your area, as soon as they give us the 411 we'll let you know who the next brave Katalyst is so STAY TUNED!!!

And as always, if YOU'RE interested in becoming one of The Katalysts. Check out our Join The Team section and contact us! We're always glad to have citizens like YOU stand up for what's right and do your part in making the world a better SAFER place.

P.s. - You can now find us on facebook! So if we've helped you in the past or if you're a fan of Justice, Peace and Protection get over there now and give us a big THUMBS UP!!! Here's the link:

10/26/09 - Caution: Serial Killer Frank Malone Is Back In Bowmanville...

         Yes, a Serial Killer is in BOWMANVILLE. His name is Frank Malone, son of Edward and Marydeth Malone. 

        Back in 1992, Frank Malone brutally shot a man and his wife in a house near Memorial Park. It was made to look like the man had shot his wife then turned the gun on himself, and this is how the case was closed. The only odd evidence about it was that both of the couples wedding rings were missing at the scene. For whatever reason, this was however dismissed by the authorities.

        Later that month, a young boy named Jesse (real name not givin for sake of individuals safety) was going to use the public washrooms at Memorial Park when he noticed his neighbor's son (Frank) wearing the murdered mans' wedding ring. When the boy expressed his realization aloud Frank grabbed Jesse and threw him up against the wall of the public washroom. Frank then confessed to his young neighbors accusation and proceeded to jam his knuckles into the boys shoulders while saying "If you ever tell anyone about this, I'll kill you too, you nosy little shit! I'll be keeping an eye on you, best make sure this never gets out!". After a terrified nod in agreeance, Frank then threw Jesse to the ground and walked away.

       Soon after Franks father Edward was arrested for a different lesser crime and was incarcerated. This left Frank and his mother homeless, due to lawyer bills and other high amounts of debt. Now only filled with rage and desperation, Frank and his mother turned to more and more crime to support themselves. Jesse was constantly being threatened by Frank to keep the dark secret. Notes left at his house, crowbars stuck into his locker at school, followed to his friends and relatives homes. The intimidation never let up for long. 

        Years later, Frank Malone is still on the loose and hasn't paid for his crimes. Jesse still fears for his life, as well as family and friends. We here at The Katalysts are determined to see Frank put behind bars. With your help, we can save lives and prevent any further crimes by this evil family. For further information about Frank, Edward, or Marydeth Malone please check out our Known Criminals section her at The Katalysts.      

        *If you have any information about the listed Known Criminals on our site, please don't hesitate to contact us at or sign in to our Guestbook page and leave your comments/information there. Thank You for any help you may offer in the capture of these outlaws.*

Heroes Punished

Recently two of our Katalysts have been arrested. During a reutine patrol of Bowmanville the police pulled over and questioned them about an attempted Break & Enter. Being the only citizens in the area and dressed as they usually do (in slightly exaggerative attire) the police found it "necessary" to search them.

Upon the pat down the police found two extendible batons, a pocket knife and a BB Gun. Now since The Green Samaritan regularily wears a green trench-coat, they were considered concealed weapons. Krimson Justice was also considered to be "concealing" his baton.

As of these recent events our Katalysts are forced (by the police) to stay out of the main Bowmanville strip on King St. between Liberty and Scugoge Rd. As well the streets directly behind are also prohibited grounds Ie: Church Street etc.
Curtis and Julius are also prohibited from contacting eachother in any form and have a curfew, restricting them from being outside between 9pm-6am.

The Clarington "This Week" printed an unfair statement about our two Katalysts stating that they were the ones attempting the B&E. This is upsetting because they were only alleged to be the ones who did this. Our Katalysts would never Break into someone's home or work, so this accusation is very upsetting. The police could not find the real perps.

The first court appearance is currently set for September 24th.

We wish our Katalysts good luck and fair justice. We know all of our team are only out there to help the community, hopefully the "Honorable" judge will think the same.

Further more, to prevent any re-occuring incidents, all Katalysts are asked to refrain from using any prohibited or dangerous weapons during their patrols. Even though criminals won't give us the same lienience. We must up-hold our good natured appearance to the authorites. We cannot be viewed as a threat to the general public. So from now on, Fists or Glory gentlemen...