The Katalysts

Justice. Peace. Protection.

Small Towns, Small Problems? Not Bloody Likely...

We here at The Katalysts understand even though we live in small towns, there are still BIG problems. Scum still walk the street and terrorize the innocent. No matter what size of the community. Evil is evil, and it doesn't care where it strikes. It doesn't care who you are, or how much money you make. All it wants to do is further your pain, misery, and loss.

These atrocities must be stopped. We wanna make a difference. If you need help, protection, a watchful eye, or even safe accompaniment from an event to your home. We're there for you. Our services are entirely free. If you think your problems are too small, you may be mistaken. Contact us, we can still be of assistance. We expect clients with all shapes and sizes of concerns. Also, if you think know anyone who could benefit from our services, don't be afraid to send them our way!

We believe that you should feel safe at night, and not have to worry about being harassed, mugged, beaten, raped or killed.

Most of the Police who actually take their job seriously we have a great respect for. They are an inspiration to us and we're glad that they do what they do. We realize that a certain percent of the police force may not see eye-to-eye with what we are doing, but hope they understand that we are only trying to improve our community.

We are not a threat by any means to law abiding citizens. We do everything (to our greatest abilities) legally and by the books. We don't believe we are above the law. We are only average people trying to see that it is obeyed, and that the streets are safe.

Also, feel free to voice your opinions and comments on our Guestbook page. We read them regularly and would like to hear from you, citizens/ clients or otherwise.

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